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Saturday, 25 May 2024 – 20:24

Brexit: Labour pledging motion of no confidence against Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour party are tabling motion of confidence in Theresa May after delaying Parliaments vote on her Brexit deal until January.

Labour leaser Mr Corbyn said on Monday it was unacceptable for MPs to wait a month to vote, adding the prime minister had led the UK into a “national crisis”.

The PM had delayed the vote from last week, admitting she was set to lose.

But number 10 sources have made it clear the government would not make time for the no-confidence vote.

Ministers would not “go along with silly political games”, they added.

Mr Corbyn tabled the motion calling on MPs to declare they have “no confidence in the prime minister due to her failure to allow the House of Commons to have a meaningful vote straight away” on the Brexit deal.

The motion focuses of Mrs May personally, rather than the government.

A ‘wasted’ month

Earlier Mrs May told MPs they would have the chance to vote on the deal she negotiated with Brussels in the third week of January.

Mr Corbyn said by then a month would have been wasted since the original 11 December vote was postponed, with “not a single word renegotiated and not a single reassurance given”.

“The deal is unchanged and is not going to change,” he said.

“The House must get on with the vote and move on to consider the realistic alternatives.”


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