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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 15:11
Photo Credit: Annika Haas (EU2017EE)/Wikimedia Commons

Reaction as Boris Johnson seals top job of Prime Minister

Boris Johnson has been elected the new leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party and is now due to become the 77th Prime Minister of Great Britain on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Johnson beat Jeremy Hunt to the top job following weeks of campaigning and public hustings, winning 92,153 votes to Hunt’s 46,656. 

Here’s how the two leadership candidates reacted to the result on Twitter after it was announced at an event on Tuesday morning;

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Mr Johnson said it was an “extraordinary honour and privilege” to be elected Conservative leader. He used the acronym, D.U.D.E to describe his aims – ‘Deliver, Unite, Defeat, Energise!’

Mr Johnson has spoken to the 1922 Committee on Tuesday afternoon, and it is understood he will make a statement in the House of Commons on Thursday. Theresa May will have her last session of PMQs as PM on Wednesday before Mr Johnson is set to become Prime Minister the same afternoon. 

Mr Johnson has received many congratulations, including from Theresa May, who said she would give him her full support in a tweet. However, not everyone is happy – Keith Simpson MP is believed to have walked out of the 1922 Committee, seemingly unhappy with what Boris Johnson was saying in his speech, with some describing circus-like scenes. Several ministers have resigned from the government over differences with Mr Johnson, particularly relating to whether there should be a no-deal Brexit.

Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn has said that his party will table of motion of no confidence when appropriate, though not giving details on this.

US President Donald Trump and EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker have also responded to the news;

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#NotMyPM and General Election have also both been trending as the UK and the world reacts to the news. 

Mr Johnson has appointed Mark Spencer as the new Chief Whip – more appointments are anticipated in the coming days.


More reaction is expected to continue throughout the following days as Mr Johnson gets to work in Downing Street.

Photo Credit: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency [CC BY 2.0]

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