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Saturday, 20 April 2024 – 22:01

Boris Johnson calls for new ‘Brexit Plane’

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has announced he would like a “Brexit plane” to help him travel around the world. 

Mr Johnson claimed that the Prime Minister’s jet, also used by royal family members, “never seems to be available”.

The Minister also complained about the plane’s ” grey” appearance. He suggested that spending money on a new plane which would promote the Government’s vision of a global Britain would be justified if costs were not “exorbitant”

The comments come amid Mr Johnson’s trip to Latin America.

Boris Johnson has though claimed that he is not concerned about his own comfort when travelling:

“We are hard as nails, we Foreign Office types. We don’t care about changing planes, we pernoctate on planes.”


Do you think Boris Johnson should be allowed to buy a ‘Brexit plane’? Comment your thoughts.

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