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Emily Sims

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  2. The Stay At Home Diaries: Emily Sims
  3. Italy Declares Emergency Over Venice Flooding
  4. Pollution: Heart Attacks and Strokes higher on days of poor air quality
  5. PM, Boris Johnson, to chair a new climate change committee
  6. More than 100 celebrities have backed Extinction Rebellion, but admit being ‘hypocrites’
  7. Millions join the Global Climate Strike, ahead of UN Climate Action Summit
  8. '32 Years and Healing' - Marking World Ozone Day
  9. Extinction Rebellion activists turn Zurich river bright green
  10. Prince Harry launches global sustainable travel initiative
  11. Amazon rainforest hit by high numbers of forest fires
  12. Nations meet to tackle the international trade of endangered species
  13. Impact of climate change on Colombia’s coffee farmers
  14. Shanghai's strict new recycling laws
  15. The rise of the anti-flying movement- is this the next climate change conversation?
  16. Potential of tree planting to combat climate change
  17. Large protests in Madrid over the suspension of anti-pollution measures
  18. G20 agree international deal to tackle marine plastic pollution
  19. Are electric vehicles that much better for the environment?
  20. Households will be able to sell solar power back to energy firms
  21. Plastic straws, drinks stirrers, and plastic stemmed cotton buds will be banned in England
  22. Most countries reach agreement to tackle and regulate plastic waste
  23. GB just went 5 days without burning coal for the first time in over 100 years
  24. Legal challenge on Heathrow’s third runway dismissed by judges
  25. Extinction Rebellion block London roads in protest over climate crisis
  26. Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party to deliver on referendum
  27. Importance of the environment as a political issue
  28. Top fossil fuel companies are spending millions lobbying against climate policies
  29. 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, nominated for Nobel peace prize
  30. Glastonbury bans single use plastic bottles
  31. School climate strikes hit the UK
  32. Climate strikes set to reach UK schools
  33. Activists from Extinction Rebellion conduct protest at Scottish Parliament

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