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Calum Paton

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  1. Labour Party Conference is a pitch for electability
  2. Sir Patrick Valance and Professor Chris Whitty warn of potential for 50,000 COVID-19 cases per day by mid-October
  3. The life of trailblazing women's advocate Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  4. Who will replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court?
  5. Why are TikTok and WeChat being banned in the United States?
  6. Devolved finance ministers hit out at controversial Internal Markets Bill
  7. Matt Hancock announces £2.7 billion extra funding to help get NHS through the winter months
  8. What is the Internal Market Bill and why is it controversial?
  9. Labour's Keir Starmer to go into self-isolation
  10. Gatherings of more than six to be banned in England from Monday
  11. Boris Johnson reportedly planning to override parts of Brexit Withdrawal Agreement
  12. UK Government criticised for appointing former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to UK Board of Trade
  13. How is a US President Elected?
  14. The way forward for the Liberal Democrats? Building a Liberal Post-Brexit Britain
  15. Sir Ed Davey elected leader of the Liberal Democrats
  16. Dominic Raab travels for Israel-Palestine Peace Talks
  17. What is Public Health England and why is Matt Hancock replacing it?
  18. Exams regulator Ofqual announces how mock grades can be used in appeals process
  19. Who is Kamala Harris - Joe Biden's vice-presidential running mate?
  20. Biden’s curbed enthusiasm could lose the 2020 election
  21. What is happening in Lebanon?
  22. Why are there protests on the streets of Belarus?
  23. Aberdeen lockdown tightened after 'cluster' of cases
  24. Calls grow for Rob Roberts to resign after 'inappropriate' messages to parliamentary intern
  25. The forgotten crisis in Yemen
  26. What is happening to the Uighur Muslims in China's internment camps?
  27. Why hasn’t the NRA spoken out against police crackdowns in the US?
  28. Julian Lewis hits back after being sacked as Tory MP
  29. Erdoğan, Orbán And The 21st Century Coup
  30. What is in Rishi Sunak's temporary tax plan?
  31. Keir Starmer: the most popular opposition leader in 13 years. Is it the luck of the lawyers?
  32. Conservatism is enough
  33. Government announces quarantine exemption: where can you go on your summer holidays?
  34. What is happening in Hong Kong and what is the new security law?
  35. Scotland to make face coverings mandatory in shops
  36. Recapping 100 Days of UK Lockdown
  37. Boris pledges to "Build, Build, Build" for Britain
  38. What does "defund the police" actually mean?
  39. Why has Iran issued an arrest warrant for Trump?
  40. Top Civil Servant Sir Mark Sedwill to leave post
  41. When are Scotland easing lockdown restrictions?
  42. Why Starmer’s consensus strategy has been a failure
  43. British Empire: destroy or educate?
  44. The DfID and FCO merger will damage the UK's position in the world
  45. What is Juneteenth and why is Donald Trump's Tulsa rally so controversial?
  46. Department for International Development merging into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UK Government announces
  47. Multiple statues removed following Black Lives Matter Demonstrations
  48. Coronavirus and Gender Equality - Do We Need to Worry?
  49. Anti-Semitic incidents are increasing in Austria, new report shows
  50. Trump threatens to deploy military onto the streets

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