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Sam Haut

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  1. De-funding the WHO another move by Trump to deflect blame for US' response to pandemic
  2. Shake-up in US officials in time of crisis speaks to the nature of the President
  3. Biden emerges victorious after Super Tuesday
  4. Why does Trump not like Huawei?
  5. Pelosi announces the drafting of articles of impeachment
  6. Trump announces metal tariffs on Brazil and Argentina
  7. Impeachment inquiry continues to implicate Trump
  8. Impeachment inquiry into Trump continues into third day
  9. Trump formally announces the U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement
  10. Turkey Syria offensive continues
  11. Trump reportedly asked Australia PM to help with Russian inquiry
  12. U.S. increases tensions with Iran
  13. Anniversary of terrorist attack brings remembrance
  14. Florida prepares for large storm to hit its shores
  15. Billionaire and Republican donor David Koch dies at 79
  16. Court halts Trump administration from implementing immigration policy
  17. Facebook had contractors transcribe audio sent over messaging app
  18. Trump retweets conspiracy theory following Epstein's death
  19. Are video games and poor mental healthcare the real cause of mass shootings?
  20. US resumes use of the death penalty - where and why is it used?
  21. Mueller testimony leaves many questions unanswered
  22. US President Donald Trump may intervene following the arrest of Rocky A$AP
  23. Iranian drone downed over Strait of Hormuz
  24. Trump attacked for recent Twitter insults
  25. US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta resigns
  26. Leaked memo from British ambassador derides Trump
  27. Iranian Secretary issues threat over supertanker incident
  28. Trump walks into North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un
  29. Fate of Islamic State fighters and their families uncertain
  30. US blames Iran for tanker attacks in Oman
  31. Sarah Sanders to leave White House
  32. Mexican president holds rally after proposed tariffs rescinded
  33. Recapping President Trump's Visit To The UK
  34. Trump concludes four day visit to Japan
  35. Mueller speaks on the end of the special counsel probe
  36. Google suspends Huawei from accessing Android systems
  37. Georgia signs law restricting abortion access
  38. Trump's trade war with China continues to escalate
  39. North Korea launches two short range missiles
  40. Huawei involvement threatens UK's relationship with US
  41. Trump withdraws from UN arms trade treaty
  42. Trump planning on visiting the UK in June
  43. US attorney general releases redacted Mueller report into possible Trump-Russia collusion
  44. US Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigns
  45. A second woman has accused former vice president Joe Biden of sexual misconduct
  46. Mueller submits report to Department of Justice regarding Russian interference
  47. Manafort receives second sentencing
  48. IRA claims responsibility for letter bombs
  49. Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison
  50. US Senate set to reject national emergency declaration

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