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Adam Walsh

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  1. Number of climate protesters arrested rises to over 300 in London demonstrations
  2. Goldman Sachs International reveals 2018 gender pay gap is above 50%
  3. Utrecht shooting: three dead and several injured as suspect is detained by police
  4. Parliament votes to delay Brexit by a majority of 211
  5. “No single solution” to UK knife crime says Home Secretary in response to rising youth violence
  6. May announces that MPs will have the chance to vote on delaying Brexit
  7. Yet another defeat for Theresa May on Brexit plans
  8. Commons February recess cancelled in anticipation of Brexit
  9. MPs allow May to attempt backstop renegotiation  
  10. Matthew Hedges pardoned by UAE government
  11. Foreign Secretary talks to wife of Matthew Hedges, facing life in prison in the UAE
  12. John McDonnell says no election is needed for Labour to form a government
  13. Potential no-confidence vote looms for the PM as more letters are announced
  14. Day of resignations comes to a close
  15. Police make inquiries at Edinburgh Airport over Alex Salmond sexual misconduct
  16. Peer facing suspension over alleged sexual harassment in the House of Lords
  17. Home Secretary hints at cash injection for the Metropolitan Police
  18. Arron Banks faces further pressure to prove where Leave.EU funding came from
  19. Former Civil Servant Chief and Cabinet Secretary, Lord Jeremy Heywood, dies aged 56
  20. Amber Rudd Hopes Report on her Resignation Will Raise Compassion for Immigration in Home Office
  21. Arron Banks Facing Inquiry over Brexit Campaign Funding
  22. Security Minister Reveals Investigation into Football Money-Laundering is Taking Place
  23. More Trump critics targeted as 12th package found in US
  24. May Survives Face-off with '22 Committee

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