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Wednesday, 24 July 2024 – 21:24

Are The Lib Dems Changing?

In recent years, the Liberal Democrat Party has suffered in the hands of the Conservative Government since the end of their coalition in 2015, not only declining in the number of elected MP’s in Parliament from 57 to 12 in the past 8 years, to be mirrored in the electorate, hence the members of their party. The decline in recent voters for the Liberal Democrat Party has led to a radically reformed policy on exactly who can nominate themselves to lead and rebrand the Lib Dems from within their own walls, by stipulating non-MP’s can run for the position of Leader of the Liberal Democrats, of which has not been seen in any other UK political party in history. 

The official announcement of this new policy is expected to make the press imminently and comes after rumours of Sir Vince Cable’s step down from Leadership, although not planned to ‘be any time soon’. Could this be an attempt at the revival of the Liberal Democrat Party after being clutched in the jaws of defeat by the Conservative Party through such an extreme swing to the left? It comes as no great shock that Sir Cable will be trying to incite, increase and retain voters, as any Party Leader would, and have a team of strategists behind them, to lead them on their way.

Which way?

Historical patterns show that during and immediately after a public crisis, there is almost an inevitable a swing to radical extremism, in order to incite change from what the public perceives to have been a failed government, witnessed after World War Two and the creation of the United Nations in October 1945, numerous times since and most recently Brexit after the 2008 Double-dip financial crash, of which the UK is still recuperating. Could the Liberal Democrats really just be playing the field for voters by following the lead of Jeremy Corbyn’s motto, ‘for the many and not the few’, as even after the Liberal Democrats revamping, looks surprisingly similar to Labours registered voter’s scheme which allowed 180000 members to vote in the latest leadership election and Sir Vince Cable took advice from former Canadian Prime Minister, Tom Pitfield, now Lib Dem advisor, and Justin Trudeau, Canadian President, whom beat the polls in the Canadian General Election by jumping from third place to first. 

More prevalent to UK politics today, does this signify a change in the outlook of the Lib Dem Party, bringing in a fresh wave of energy from Party Members whom may otherwise have been overlooked, inspiring a new generation and proving politics is accessible to all who wish to participate? 



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