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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 07:20

Amber Rudd straight back to work after returning to Theresa May’s cabinet as work and pensions secretary

Prime Minister, Theresa May has drafted staunch supporter Amber Rudd back into the cabinet as the work and pensions secretary and took personal control of the final phase of Brexit negotiations. 

Rudd resigned as home secretary, only seven months ago amid the botched handling of the Windrush scandal, saying she “inadvertently misled” MPs over targets for removing illegal immigrants.

The new Work and Pensions secretary immediately began efforts to shore up Mrs May embattled position, telling Conservative MP’s: “This is not a time for changing our leader”.



The prime minister made the appointment of Rudd hours after Michael Gove decided to remain in the cabinet, despite having to her on Thursday that he believed her Brexit deal was “not a runner” and will not get through parliament.

After Gove turned down the job of Brexit secretary, May announced that junior minister Stephen Barclay would be given the role – but Downing Street said that he would focus on domestic preparedness and piloting legislation through parliament.

He said: “We now need to keep up the momentum to finalise the withdrawal agreement and outline political declaration and deliver a Brexit that works for the whole of the UK”.

With just over a week to go until the EU summit planned for 25thNovember, and the final details of the political declaration on Britain’s future trading relationship to be hammered out, Downing Street said the negotiations would now be “leader-led”. 

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