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Thursday, 18 July 2024 – 17:46

Airlines hit by Brexit uncertainty

Airlines have been hit by uncertainty in recent days as it is unclear whether they will be able to schedule flights for after Brexit. 

Chancellor Philip Hammond has warned a failure to strike a deal on the Brexit transition in two weeks would see airlines unable to schedule flights for spring 2019, when Britain is due to leave the European Union.

Hammond told Parliament that he hoped the transition agreement would be well supported both in Westminister and in the European Parliament.

‘Airlines need to know on April 1 whether they can safely schedule flights in April 2019.’

‘There are lots of practical issues that are going to become very problematic across the continent of Europe unless we agree this implementation deal. 

Hammond said he was hopeful of an agreement being made – ‘I believe it will happen for the simple reason that it is in everyone’s interests it happens.’ 


Airlines are also facing uncertainty as it has been suggested a UK-US trade deal could see fewer trans-Atlantic flights and price increases for existing flights. 

British transport officials have insisted discussions with the US are ‘going well’ – however, it is thought airlines such as British Airways and Virgin could be forced to cut their current flight timetable depending on the outcome of talks.

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