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Tuesday, 18 June 2024 – 17:38

Airbus chief executive talks UK government’s handling of Brexit

Tom Ender, the chief of Airbus has spoken up about the government’s handling of the Brexit plan situation and how it could potentially harm businesses.

Airbus has warned that it would leave the UK if their exit from the EU would be a hard one.

Mr Ender has accused the UK government of being clueless in properly drafting the highly contested Brexit plan.

Enders stated: “The sun is shining brightly on the UK, the English team is progressing towards the [World Cup] final, the RAF is preparing to celebrate its centenary and Her Majesty’s government still has no clue, no consensus on how to execute Brexit without severe harm.”

Airbus has a total of 14,000 employees which would amount to a drastic number of job losses if Airbus was to leave the UK.

The aerospace giant has begun to plan for a no-deal possibility.

Enders added, “Let’s see what comes out of Chequers: white smoke, black smoke or no smoke,” in reference to Theresa May’s all day meeting with cabinet to discuss the Brexit deal.

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