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In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to stay away from one ever dominant topic - Politics. Whether at home, in the workplace or in the media, there is rarely a day that goes by without mention of Politics. Politics affects everyone - from Brexit and immigration, to changes to public services and taxation, there is no denying that Politics plays a large part in shaping our everyday lives.

The Speaker was setup by a group of Politics students in Spring 2018. We feel that there is nothing out there that makes politics easily accessible, inclusive and simple for everyone to understand, which is why we made The Speaker. Together, with the joint expertise of our team, and political experts from across the globe, we bring you the latest headlines, analysis, opinions and more, all available at the click, tap or swipe of a button. 

Speaking to the Wider Public

Here at The Speaker, we want to make Politics more inclusive and accessible. That is why we have a wide range of content suitable and available for all, wherever you sit on the political spectrum. We provide unbiased analysis articles of major events, bringing you the facts so that you don't have to search for them. We bring you the latest headlines, ensuring that you are kept up-to-date on big stories in the world around you. We also host a range of opinion articles from our columnists, showing different perspectives on real life events, bringing you all the Politics you need to know about, in an interesting, informative and fun way format. Whether you follow Politics online, on social media or on the go, The Speaker has you covered.

Meet Our Team

There's never a dull moment working at The Speaker.
Meet our co-founders and find out who makes up the team.
George Bowman
George BowmanEditor-in-Chiefgeorge@speakerpolitics.co.uk
Nathan Shoesmith YPOTY
Nathan Shoesmith YPOTYManaging Directornathan@speakerpolitics.co.uk
Emily Oxbury
Emily OxburyDirector of Communications & Outreachemily@speakerpolitics.co.uk
Henry Earl
Henry EarlHead Of Social Mediahenry@speakerpolitics.co.uk

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Bringing the latest headlines, analysis, opinions & more to your fingertips, this is The Speaker - Your Home of Politics


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