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Saturday, 20 July 2024 – 07:23

A week in preview: Spanish coalition and climate action?

Climate Change

Although MP’s have returned from their recess, the news has been relatively free of Brexit – at least by recent standards. Although we can expect this to increase over the coming weeks, this week is perhaps more likely to be underlined by the continuing climate change protests and the actions that are starting to take place.

Although an initial phase of the extinction rebellion protests is over, the group have turned their attention to legislative wins in negotiation with the government. Although there has been little news about meetings with influential politicians, there seems to be a clear change in the public attitude to climate change. In recent days we have seen SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon acknowledge the grave threat of climate change and over the coming week, we can expect calls for action to grow amongst prominent figures in British politics. Quite where this will lead is not clear, but it seems like the tide may have finally turned when it comes to our rising tides.


Although there is less urgency surrounding Brexit with the deadline now pushed back to Halloween, there are still ongoing talks in Westminster about a way forward. The Prime Ministers deal remains the zombie of British politics, seemingly undead, with speculation rife that it will be put forth again – although unlikely in the coming weeks. This comes amid speculation of declining support for her deal, now that the extended deadline enables greater time for negotiation.

In a similar vein, Labour’s position is still deeply unclear. Although making a second referendum the official party line in recent weeks, the impending European elections and the significant polling support for the Brexit party has seen a walk back of these ideas – with the party suggesting that they may accept a deal without a second referendum. This is a significant change of tune and may not be the official party line, but expect this issue to be prevalent in the coming week with interviewers everywhere demanding clarification.

Spanish Elections

After a third general election in four years, Spain has been once again left with no clear majority, meaning that a coalition will be formed in the coming week. It seems likely that this will be in the form of a left-wing alliance, with several left-leaning parties and socialist parties gaining the largest share of the seats. The largest party are the socialists, lead by Pedro Sanchez, and will remain in power for the time being, whether he will require support from other prominent parties remains to be seen.

A Royal Baby?

No celebrity gossip here at The Speaker, but in the case of a Royal birth, it could be seen as unavoidable. Although no official due date has been made public, it was started back in October that they would be expecting in late April, early May. As this week ticks into May, the birth seems imminent. Set to be 7th in line to the throne, their child perhaps doesn’t seem significant, but as their child is likely to be the first mixed raced baby born into the Royal Family, the significance of the birth is inescapable. 

With the impact that Meghan has had on shaking up the royal family, it is likely that her child will only solidify the modernisation of the royals. Given the racial undertones in many of the criticisms of Meghan it can only be positive for more diversity within the British aristocracy, a family who have such global reach – perhaps it is only the birth of a child, but the political meaning of it is groundbreaking.

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