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Sunday, 10 December 2023 – 20:50

85 Arrested Amongst Peaceful Protesters in Central London

#extinctionrebellion has gone viral this morning as a peaceful protest erupted in central London, blocking access to major travel routes and causing large delays.

The organizers of the #dayofrebellion had set out to close off 5 of London’s busiest bridges. Disturbing thousands of commuters ad tourists on what should have been a peaceful Sunday for all. 

The Metropolitan Police have released a statement to the press on their perception of the day and the 85 arrests made this morning. With the #dayofrebellion temporarily blocking access to Blackfriars, Waterloo, Lambeth, Westminster and Southwark, this peaceful protest was a form of civil disobedience that was not communicated with the police prior to the event. By blocking the bridges, the protesters have broken the Highway Act and have committed several Bail Act offences. 

It is every person’s right to freedom of speech but when that freedom restricts the movement of others, literally stepping on their rights, in 5 different locations with no pre-warning, the 85 arrests are justified.

The #extinctrebellion organizers say that the government have gone too long without proper incentive to have the need to tackle the problems facing climate change as the ever changing world needs an ever changing solution not one single act. After “marching, and lobbying, and signing petitions” which too often go unrecognized and ignored in parliament as the next generations problem, today’s demonstrations were the necessary next step in working towards national recognition to the climate crisis, which has shown overwhelming support in the number of protesters who took to the streets this morning. 

There is no quick fix, the solution will only be shown in time, patience and continuous investment.

Since this morning, the protesters have switched it up and moved on to Parliament Square and the bridges have been re-opened, but the traction this movement has turfed up is not over. If people are willing to be arrested for the cause, more demonstrations could be in line for the government, should they be deemed unreactive to the demonstration this morning and chooses not to prioritize this ‘tiny blue planet’s’ future.

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