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Monday, 24 June 2024 – 06:38

€7 fee to travel to EU countries after Brexit

Britons travelling to EU countries will have to pay a €7 fee every three years after Brexit, it has been confirmed.

The European Commission confirmed on Friday that Britons travelling to the EU after Brexit will not require a visa, but instead will need to apply for a separate document, to cost a €7 fee every three years.

The document called an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) will enable British citizens to travel to anywhere in the EU for the €7 fee. The European Union has said the ETIAS will “strengthen security checks on those persons who travel visa-free to the EU”.

The ETIAS is expected to come into force around 2021 under the current proposed Brexit deal. Until then, Britons will be able to travel to EU countries as normal. Britons will be able to apply for ETIAS through a form, expected to take 10 minutes to complete. It is thought that the UK may employ a similar policy for EU citizens visiting the UK. The ETIAS is similar to the ESTA system in the United States which costs $14. 

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