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Friday, 12 April 2024 – 16:14

Matt Hancock announces £2.7 billion extra funding to help get NHS through the winter months

Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced plans for an extra £2.7 billion in funding for Health and Social Care to support the nation through what is expected to be a difficult winter with Coronavirus.

“Turning first to the NHS, I can tell the House that we have allocated a further £2.7 billion to the NHS to support it during the winter months,” said Matt Hancock in the House of Commons. “This funding, in addition to the extra funding for PPE and testing, will help the NHS with the vital task of operating safely in a world in which COVID is still at large”.

The Health Secretary also announced that there would be additional funding to improve a number of emergency departments, adding;

“In August, we confirmed £300 million for emergency upgrades across 117 Trusts.”

“And today I can go further and announce £150 million to expand 25 more emergency departments – including some of the most constrained in the country like Worcester and the Royal Shrewsbury.”

The announcement came after the United Kingdom announced nearly 4,000 additional Coronavirus cases on Wednesday, the highest daily total since May, increasing fears that there could be a significant second wave throughout the winter.

The idea of a second nationwide lockdown has been raised frequently in recent days, whilst the government also announced that the North-East of England is to have a 10pm curfew implemented, with many hotspots across the UK having significant increases in Coronavirus restrictions.

Almost two million people in the North-East region will be banned from mixing with other households and pubs will have to close early, with these the latest measures put in place to try and prevent the need for a second nationwide lockdown.

The fullest effects of the virus as we head into winter are yet to be known, but without a vaccine currently available, it seems likely that it will be a winter of immense strain on the health service.

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