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Friday, 14 June 2024 – 07:50

1 million NHS staff to receive 6.5% backdated pay rise

NHS staff excluding doctors, dentists and senior position holders, will receive a three year pay rise deal worth 6.5% after voting in favour of the offer.

The nurses, cleaners, security guards, porters, midwives, paramedics, videographers, emergency services and physiotherapists will receive a pay rise as part of their July salaries, backdated from April.

NHS staff will receive their first pay rise in 8 years.

Those holding lower paid positions will receive an even greater increase in their wages under the negotiated deal. Their pay could allegedly increase by a maximum 29%. However, staff who have been in their positions for longer periods of time will receive a 6.5% rise over a three year timeframe.

The deal was put to a vote between 14 unions of which only 1 (the GMB) voted against.

Additional funding is expected to cover the health budgets in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland where their workers too are expected to receive a pay negotiation.

It has been said that this will ultimately make professions in the medical industry more attractive to future candidates.

“We have taken a significant step on the journey towards fairer pay for NHS staff but there is much more to achieve, not least for the staff who deliver NHS services outside direct employment.” said Josie Irwin of the Royal College of Nursing.

UNISON’s Head of Health and lead negotiator, Sara Gorton said:

“The agreement won’t solve all the NHS’ problems overnight, but it will go a long way towards easing the financial strain suffered by health staff and their families over many years.”

“The lifting of the damaging one per cent cap on pay will come as a huge relief for all the employers who’ve struggled for so long to attract new recruits and hold onto experienced staff.”, she added.

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